Safety Tips for Dirt Bikes

A lot of accidents happen because of dirt bike riding as people drive them rashly, without having any safety gears on them. Most of the people have a mind-set that a quick spin of the motorcycle does not require any safety gears. And that quick spin ends up taking their lives. So below are some safety tips through which such accidents can be avoided.

1. Gears : One should always wear Dot compliant helmets which snug fit on the head. The dot label indicates that it has been crafted to the US department long sleeves, gloves, glairs, long pants and over the ankle boots along with chest, shoulder and knee pads if possible. The clothing should be fitted as if it is loose, then it would hamper the operations of the bike while riding.

2. Riding ways : Dirt bikes are constructed and designed to be operated on off-highways. One should not ride these bikes on paved surfaces except for the dual purpose models. Also one should drive when he is under alcoholic or drug influence. These dirt bikes are meant to be driven on rocky hills, mean terrains and muddy roads. Therefore it is excellent for the riders who ride near edges.

3. Dirt bikes are not toys : Dirt bikes are very powerful, hence are not constructed for people under the age of 18years. Even people above 18years needs full supervision. Also, before taking ride one should read the manual properly and thoroughly. If one doesn’t receive it along with the bike, then it is also available on the manufacturer’s website. One can also join the dirt ride school to have a good hand at riding as it is not a regular bike.

4. Choosing the right bike : One shouldmake a right selection of the bike size, so it stays always in rider’s control. As with either big size or small size model will result in hard control over the steering, brakes, etc. It is not a mandatory state rule, but one should buy accordingly.

5. Ride within Limits : One should always ride within the limits and in a supervised area. Can start up with small distances and then gradually learning helps in riding it further.In the beginning one should not hit a jump of 35 foot gap as it can be dangerous. Gradual learning helps the rider to ride it excellently after a certain period of time.

6. Knowing the technicalities : The parts of the motorcycles are designed keeping the type of riders riding this bike. It has a very high suspension; therefore it well fits to be ridden on difficult surfaces. Their engines are also built quite high; above the ground level, so that it is prevented from touching the rocky hill. These bikes have light weight bodies so that it allows freedom of movement. Bike has knobby tires, therefore gives an excellent grip on hilly surfaces.The rider should be aware about all the technical details of the bike, so it will help him ride the bike accordingly and on the relative surface.

It doesn’t matter if a rider is perfect in riding, he also needs to follow all the above mentioned safety measures to keep himself and everyone around him safe.

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